About CPC

Picture this: a bunch of planner enthusiasts from our tight-knit Chicago Planners Facebook group, coming together for the sheer joy of planning, doodling, and sharing sticker collections. Fast forward to today, and what started as casual hangouts has exploded into the ultimate annual bash – the Chicago Planner Conference!

We've outgrown our old stomping grounds, but our love for all things planner-related has only grown stronger. Join us in our planner paradise as we celebrate another year of creativity, camaraderie, and maybe a little bit of washi tape madness!

Our Vision

To be the ultimate Chicago planner experience, inspiring & nurturing the vibrant planner community.

Core Values


Fostering a profound sense of belonging within the planner community.


Making a meaningful impact in the Chicagoland area by offering an affordable Midwest event dedicated to serving planners.


Delivering a distinctive and memorable experience where attendees forge lasting relationships and leave with cherished memories.

Our Mission

Chicago Planner Conference (CPC) is dedicated to curating an unparalleled conference experience that seamlessly blends fun and engagement, while also providing educational opportunities. We strive to foster a strong sense of community among attendees, promoting positive relationships and inspiring creativity. Our mission is to exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression on every participant.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our team works hard behind the scenes, all year long, to bring an amazing conference together!

  • Jenise Spears

    Event Co-Chair

  • Heather Richards

    Event Co-Chair

  • Jeanné Bowman

    Logistics Chair

  • Jennifer Hayner

    Partnerships Chair

  • Luz Pineda-Macias

    Digital Media Chair

  • Shaena Twitty

    Brand Management Chair

  • Ashanti Howard

    Community Engagement Chair

  • Stephanie Ricoy

    Program Chair

  • Emily Voss

    Business Manager